MAK-it! Artenviel-Falten

With Sophia Stoewer from the Designbüro mischer’traxler studio

Under artistic guidance, paper unfolds to reveal a wide variety of planetary companions. Multifarious representations of life forms are thus created for interior display.
Sun, 26.3.2023 2 pm5 pm
MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
Registration closed
The new workshop series MAK-it! for adults offers the opportunity to try out a variety of craft skills and innovative techniques together with designers and creators. In the unique atmosphere of the MAK Columned Main Hall, you can create your own works of art. 
Workshop Costs:
€ 30 (incl. admission) 
€ 24 (MAK Annual Ticket, (young)MAK, MARS)


A workshop with the artist Alma Bektas
with artist Florentina Leitner
with the artist and cultural anthropologist Anna Riess