Open Crocheting / Poetry by (young)MAK

together with Die Große

(young)MAK will once again be hosting Open Crocheting in the MAK Columned Main Hall. This time, there will be literary impulses in cooperation with the collective Die Große. Their literature salon provides young writers with the opportunity to read their texts and present them to the audience.
Tue, 5.12.2023 6 pm9 pm
MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
Online tickets (€ 7,50 - incl. admission to the museum if bought online, € 8 if bought on site) will be available before the event at
The open call for submissions is still ongoing. You can participate via the Instagram channel @diegroße until 1.12.2023.
What is the ten-minute salon?
The ten-minute salon is the perfect literature salon for people with a short attention span. The only rule is that everybody must end their reading after ten minutes regardless of whether they are at the end of their sentence or not. We invite all listeners to count the time and to end the reading after the time is over by shouting, honking, clapping, ringing, or whatever comes to mind (no booing). Afterwards, the audience agrees on a question we ask the person reading. With this, all important aspects of a classical literature salon have been covered and we can continue with the next reading. Hence, within one hour, the audience can enjoy several authors presenting entirely different kinds of texts and doesn’t lose track in the process.