Open Kino by (young)MAK

EDELWEISS. A Critical Love Letter to Austria

(young)MAK is launching the new Open Kino format with the film EDELWEISS.
Tue, 18.7.2023 6 pm8 pm
MAK Lecture Hall
Edelweiss is a performative documentary film on the oftentimes shocking reality of people of color in Austria. The film openly presents the perspectives of many people of color with different connections to Austria; some call it their home, others have turned it into their so-called “homeland,” and others in turn would never refer to it as “homeland.” Edelweiss is a critical love letter to a country that has to become a better place for those who have been making it a better place for years.

Afterwards, Q & A with the film team and Tara Momeni (young)MAK
If the weather is nice, drinks in the MAK Garden

Admission € 7 including access to all MAK exhibitions
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(young)MAK Team:
Sophia Hölzl (idea and organization)
Tara Momeni (organization and editing)