Open Nude Drawing by (young)MAK

With Iris Andraschek

Tue, 14.2.2023 6 pm9 pm
MAK Columned Main Hall
Registration closed
The artist Iris Andraschek works with different media and deals in her work with everyday life, social utopias and alternative life concepts, among other things. Open Aktzeichnen (Open Nude Drawing) fits into the range of content that the MAK offers on this evening, on Valentine's Day, in order to openly and solemnly question identity constructions of physical self-sufficiency or fixed relationship models. For the evening is dedicated to the magical diversity of human relationships, interconnections and points of contact. For Open Aktzeichnen, Iris Andraschek stages bodies in different spatial and social structures, which the participants can approach through drawing.

Please bring your own drawing utensils.

MAK Columned Main Hall 
No age limit
Registration required
Free admission