MAK Permanent Collection Contemporary Art

Walter Pichler is one of the most important visionary artists of the present. His pictures, objects, installations and architecture, which explain the location of the art as an object in itself, reflect a radical spatial and temporal aura. The starting point for his works is the sketch, which together with the sculpture spins a subtle narrative net. Pichler observes and designs the world: he unites the micro- and macrocosm, adding to the depiction with reduced means.

Curator Bärbel Vischer

The series titled ARTISTS IN FOCUS shows the essential work categories of key contemporary artists in dedicated solo presentations. With Walter Pichler. Sculptures Models Drawings, the MAK concludes the Artists in Focus series, which since 2006 has been introducing artistic stances from the MAK Collection of Contemporary Art which lie at the interface between applied art, fine art and architecture. A central aspect of this effort has been the realization of necessary acquisitions via sponsors and patrons in order to expand and enrich important parts of the MAK Collection.

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Catalogue "WALTER PICHLER. Sculptures Models Drawings“
MAK Vienna (ed.), German/English, ca. 112 pages, with ca. 90 mainly coloured illustrations, MAK Vienna / Jung und Jung Verlag, 2011. € 35. Available at the MAK Design Shop