In his installation INT/EXT 04 (2011), Manuel Knapp composes minimalistic pictorial spaces that oscillate between painting, animation, and architecture. Experimental visual spaces arise through the superimposition of lines, image areas, and three-dimensional elements, opening up a multi-faceted spectrum of perception. The changing of the light, the dynamics of the line, and the forming geometries are incorporated by two and three-dimensional image carriers that result in a loose structure. The image and projection area is drawn into the space, extended and mapped by casually arranged, sculptural set pieces. The interplay between and the superimposition of the real and the projected space of the computer animation result in abstractly choreographed compositions with a rhythm that grabs the focus of viewers.
MAK Forum
Manuel Knapp (*1978) studied painting and graphic art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, as well as computer music and electroacoustic media at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. The artist creates avant-garde noise performances together with colleagues from the music scene. His computer-animated experimental films are shown in exhibitions and at international film and music festivals. 
The MAK presents important collection acquisitions or endowments to visitors in the context of the FOCUS ON COLLECTING series. This work could be acquired in 2015 with funds from the former Arts and Culture Department of the Austrian Federal Chancellery. 

Bärbel Vischer, Curator, MAK Contemporary Art Collection