La Turbo Avedon is an avatar, artist, and curator who was born in 2008/09 in the metaverse of the collective online computer game Second Life. The non-binary virtual character [pronouns they/them] deliberately ignores the lack of real physicality and instead rather emphasizes the potentials of non-physical and fluid identities. 
MAK Gallery
In digital sculptures, photographs, and videos, La Turbo Avedon assimilates elements from video game environments as well as quotes from the current web culture and critically addresses the medium of the internet and its technological and economic developments.
For the MAK, La Turbo Avedon developed a new digital installation—a virtual simulation and narration—in which La Turbo Avedon’s avatar-self accompanies visitors through different landscapes and spaces of the virtual world, which—alluding to the title of the exhibition and the development of Web3—are in a constant state of construction and deconstruction.

Marlies Wirth, Curator, Digital Culture and MAK Design Collection