Research + Drinks by (y)MAK

Rainald Franz, Curator MAK Glass and Ceramics Collection, in conversation with Matthias Palla, (young)MAK

In this first (y)MAK Research + Drinks, we deal with the topic Aesthetics of Politics and Its Spatial Legacy in Architecture. In conversation with Rainald Franz, Matthias Palla discusses the question of how the aesthetics of political ideology influences the design of exhibition rooms, in particular those of the Venice Biennale. The focus is on the transformation of the Austrian and Italian pavilions’ spatial legacy and the role of the architects concerned: Josef Hoffmann, Carlo Scarpa, and others.

We pose the questions of how to deal critically with this politico-cultural legacy and of these buildings’ relevance in the current political context.
Tue, 23.4.2024 6 pm
Chimney Room
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Research + Drinks by (y)MAK
Our new (y)MAK Research + Drinks format extends an invitation to join conversations in the relaxed atmosphere of the MAK Kaminzimmer. Together with experts, we take a (youthful) look behind the scenes of the research world.
Research + Drinks gives interested young students, designers, and architects an opportunity to talk with experts about their research and experiences. This encounter between young thinkers and MAK experts aims at opening up new perspectives and building a platform for creative interchange.
The conversations will be accompanied by presentations, images, and previously unseen items from the MAK Archive—quenching our thirst for knowledge!—whereby the focus will be on interpersonal exchange, inspired by a passion for art, design, architecture, and culture.


by (y)MAK and Vienna Feaver