Conversation Piece and Performance with Camila Sposati: Der Ton und seine Töne [Clay and its Tones]

Camila Sposati’s gestural clay sculptures interpret the use of form of musical instruments—and in this conversation piece the artist will play on them! Before the sound performance, the curators of the exhibition will talk to Camila Sposati about the relationship between culture and nature, the interpretation of community in small and large forms, as well as the link to rituals in her cultural environment in Brazil. Sposati makes the instruments in her Balata series from a rubber-like substance, a traditional indigenous material gained in the Amazon.
Tue, 14.5.2024 6 pm7 pm
MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
In the context of the exhibition HARD/SOFT

We need to talk! In the art education format Conversation Pieces we will speak with artists, activists, scientists, and personalities from various fields about select objects from the MAK Collection. Conversation Pieces is dedicated to themes like diversity, feminism, participation or loneliness, symbiotic bodies, racism in collections, planet care, and much more. We use the MAK as a polyphonic place for the exchange of ideas and to engage in various sociopolitical discourses and problems that enable new perspectives on an extraordinary collection. Conversation Pieces can be understood as an impetus to make widespread pictorial worlds and narratives visible and to critically question them by talking about them together.

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