Panel Discussion

“The Locked-up Exhibit—the Locked-out Visitor”

Vitrines in modern-day museums
Tue, 24.05.2016



Lecture: Tadashi Kawamata:

Kawamata Arrangement
Wed, 19.02.2014

MAK Collection

Asia Collection

Curator: Mio Wakita-Elis
The MAK Asia Collection consists of around 25,000 objects from China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam dating from between the Neolithic period and the present; these represent a wide range of artistic and artisan output from Asia and simultaneously provide insight into the centuries-long reciprocal relationship between Asia and Europe. Like other collections of its kind, the MAK Asia Collection is itself a work of Orientalism: all of the objects collected here were selected by Europeans and thus represent European tastes.

Permanent Collection

Permanent Collection ASIA

Artistic intervention: Tadashi Kawamata
The Asia Collection of the MAK is one of the important collections in Europe of art and applied arts from the Asian region. It has been compiled from public and private collections during a history lasting 150 years and offers a wide-ranging view of the art history of Asia.