The artist Gertie Fröhlich (1930–2020) was in the background and yet still the focal point of the activities of the Viennese avantgarde.
Works on Paper Room + MAK Direktion
While studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, she made contact with young artists of all disciplines, became the “moving spirit” of the Galerie nächst St. Stephan [Gallery near St. Stephan’s  Cathedral], and her apartment at Sonnenfelsgasse 11 was soon a meeting place for creative people such as Wolfgang Hollegha, Martha Jungwirth, Peter Kubelka, Markus Prachensky, Arnulf Rainer, and Gerhard Rühm. In 1964 she gave the Austrian Film Museum its distinctive corporate design, the Zyphius. In 1987 she took part in André Heller’s Luna Luna project with a gingerbread booth. The MAK presents Gertie Fröhlich as a “Gesamtkunstwerk” [a total work of art]: artist, craftswoman, Eat-Art activist, graphic designer, and influential networker of Viennese post-war modernism.

During the exhibition the film WHAT’S HAPPENING? Art in the Life of Gertie Fröhlich, a film by Marieli Fröhlich 2023, will be shown.

Tuesday, 12.9.2023, 7 pm
Free admission on the opening night

Kathrin Pokorny-Nagel, Head, MAK Library and Works on Paper Collection/Archive in creative collaboration with Marieli Fröhlich

Stefan Fuhrer

Supported by 
Gustav Belousek / Legat Carla and Joseph Binder