(y)MAK is a group of young adults (16 to 26-year-olds) who are interested in museums, design, art, architecture, and innovation, as well as in our future, and who want to make changes.
(y)MAK offers you a look behind the scenes, organizes events, and interviews experts-always on the lookout for new ideas and perspectives. In the process, we hope to arouse curiosity, serve as a source of inspiration, and inspire active involvement in the MAK. With (y)MAK, you can help shape your experiences and actively contribute to the future of the museum.

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Julia Ebner, Stefan Eiberger, Lou Frizza, Javier Greschitz, Angelika Gurov, Elisabeth Hart, Ninon Hauswirth (Gründungsmitglied), Emilie Heintschel, Mia Höll (Gründungsmitglied), Sophia Hölzl, Lara Kastler, Florentine Kutschera, Thereser Legerer, Lara Lejolle, Anna Mochar, Tara Momeni, Laetitia Pasewald, Matthias Palla (Gründungsmitglied), Christina Pechan, Johanna Sares, Ilona Scheidl (Gründungsmitglied), Carlotta Schiller, Magdalena Schumm, Katharina Steinbüchler, Alma Tripamer, Karoline Wagner, Ellen Wagner, Emilia Webhofer, Sophie Wratzfeld
Together with (young)MAK, we regularly invite to the open, discursive workshop series Open Crocheting! Textile crafts techniques (crocheting in the first step) are learned and applied with the aim of encountering one another. Textile discourse, technique and materiality knit, or, more precisely, crochet together. Artists, thinkers, scientists, as well as crafts technicians will be invited to provide impulses, passing on their approaches as artistic, content, and technical impulses, and as inspiration or assistance in the context of short lectures, performances, or presentations. Visitors are encouraged to join in on discussions, stories, gossip, and chats, and especially in crocheting!

Upcoming events

pen Clothing Exchange by (young)MAK

Past Events

Tufted carpet on an easel.
Open Crocheting/Tufting „Tulipomania“ by (young)MAK
Sold Out: (y)MAK Rave
Open Nude Drawing by (young)MAK
Open Crocheting by (young)MAK
Open Crocheting by (young)MAK against Loneliness
Open Crocheting by (young)MAK
(young)MAK (yes)MAK (Part(y))MAK
Open Crocheting by (young)MAK
(young)MAK Part(y)MAK
Open Crocheting by (young)MAK
Open Crocheting by (young)MAK
Open Crocheting by (young)MAK
(young)MAK am Sonnendeck

(young) MAK asks

Instagram live

with curator Marlies Wirth and La Turbo Avedon

Sun deck

with artist Johanna Pichlbauer

(young)MAK + exhibition setup

for Josef Hoffmann. Progress Through Beauty

How to organize an exhibition?

With over 1,000 objects? Josef Hoffmann. Progress Through Beauty

Can you build a city only from wood?

Interviewing architect Christoph Falkner (SWAP Architekten)